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Dremel Medical is a medical device enterprise focused on supplying innovative, first-rate products to surgeons. A broad spectrum of items, which includes liposuction cannulas, rhinology supplies, Power Assisted Liposuction accessories and skin markers. The business is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers and is dedicated to ensuring that all of its products are of the highest caliber. We urge our visitors to take the time to shop on our website and become acquainted with the vast variety of our products, as well as to check out our newest 2023 items

Customer Reviews

Theda Kontis, MD

Great Products. Great Service!

Jason Cohn, M.D.

"The highest quality cannulas on the market. I love using them"!

Bahaa Mostafa Kamel, M.D.

"I was highly impressed by the way this company operated; in particular, they manufactured custom-made surgical instruments and shipped it to me in less than 24 hours when I needed them urgently for a crucial procedure. I doubt there is another company that can offer anything close to this level of customer service. The quality was outstanding, even surpassing many I had previously used. If you are looking for liposuction instruments, I would highly recommend it. Many thanks to Dremel Medical you are a life saver"!

Masoud Saman, M.D.

"The cannula is KING. It is the best and easiest fat harvest I have ever done without causing bleeding. Love it".

24 Port Wedge Tip Facial Cannula

Dremel Medical

A new Lineup of products for 2023

Dremel Medical is delighted to present its new selection of products with the intention of making medical procedures simpler and more efficient. Our collection includes various new items such as PAL cannulas and rhinology supplies which will facilitate surgical operations. Take advantage of this lineup of products being released in 2023 as Dremel Medical continues to grow and offer the best customer service. Please have a look at everything we have to offer and do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email at sales@dremelmedical.com or by phone at +1-817-910-3736 with any inquiries.

See what Dremel Medical has to offer

PAL Cannulas

Dremel Medical's power-assisted liposuction cannulas are compatible with two of the most recognized PAL systems, MICROAIRE and Nouvag. These cannulas feature the hub soldered securely in place and have been manufactured in the United States. Different sizes of cannulas are available, in varying diameters and lengths.

Surgical Markers

Dremel Medical is privileged to distribute Viscot medical skin markers, which are revered for their strength and durable quality. They have been the preferred choice of the medical profession for years, thanks to their unrivalled ability to stay visible prior to surgery. Botox, surgery preparation and blepharoplasty are just some of the procedures that benefit from the use of these markers.

Rhinology Kits

To meet the needs of the industry, Dremel Medical has provided an economical and convenient solution when it comes to rhinology products. These custom kits contain top-notch material such as thermoplast, internal nasal splints, aluminum splints and pre-cut splints. Each item is made in the United States to meet the stringent standards of our clients.

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