Dremel Medical is developing customized Liposuction cannulas. These stainless steel cannulas are made in the USA and come in all different shapes and hole patterns. These cannulas are being designed for facial, upper arm, and abdomen liposuction procedures. Dremel's cannulas are quickly becoming the standard for liposuction due to their durability, functionality and ease of use.
Recently, Dremel Medical has partnered with Dr. Antonio Franco from Bari, Italy in developing customized liposuction cannulas. Dr. Franco is part of the ASPS, IMCAS and ECAM societies. He is quickly becoming one of the most popular plastic surgeons in Italy for his innovative techniques. This collaboration between Dremel Medical and Franco will support the latest in liposuction techniques as well as ensuring the best results are delivered to his patients.
The Franco series of cannulas are for surgeons who are familiar with high definition liposuction techniques. Dr. Antonio Franco, in particular, is bold in his approach, consistently defining the cutting edge of techniques used for liposuction. Through close collaboration Dremel Medical was requested by Franco to ensure that there was sufficient thickness in the stainless steel cannula and additional silver soldering used at the luer-lock hubs in order to ensure greater stability when it is attached to the(PAL) Adapter. This results in a cannula that is more durable, has a longer life, and is easier to handle and operate. In order to keep producing powerful results, Franco also requested all of the oval ports to be extended, baskets to be flared and circular ports to be reduced in order to ensure more holes can be applied to the cannula in order to aspirate more fat. Dr. Franco's custom manufactured cannulas have already been utilized in many successful cases providing amazing results.
Take a look at the video or Dr. Franco's Instagram, wherein he uses his specially designed cannulas and the results that are produced. You can order these cannulas today from Dremel Medical and get the results that will astound you and your patients.
See Doctor Franco's Instagram or YouTube Page:
IG: dr.aesthetic

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