Cannulas are an important part of many medical procedures and treatments. They provide a secure and comfortable way to deliver medications, aspirate fat, and re-inject fat back into the body. But not all cannulas are created equal. By customizing your cannula, you can ensure that it fits your preferences perfectly. Here are some benefits and tips when customizing a cannula.
 1. Customizing your cannula can provide a number of benefits. It can help meet surgeons specific needs when performing liposuction or injecting adipose. A cannula that meets specific needs through unqiue hole patterns, diameters, lengths or angles will ensure the best results when sculpting a patient.
 2. Results of your patients can be different in a positive way. We understand the same hole patterns may work, but are they truly driving the results you desire are being delivered and reaching its intended target.  A poorly designed cannula may not be delivering or meeting your needs in the most effective manner.
 3. How to Customize Your Cannula: The process for customizing your cannula will depend on the type of artistic styles a surgeon has when performing procedures. Generally speaking, every patient is different and so is your style. We work with surgeons who are delicate to extremely aggressive in their approaches. You may want to ensure a variety of cannulas can be used with various diameters and lengths. You may also need to adjust the angle of the cannula to get the most precise results that you seek. We see the results of our products daily and they are incredible. Right now may be a great opportunity to try something new.
4. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when inserting or adjusting your cannula, as improper use could lead to complications or injury.
 Customizing your cannula is an important step for several surgeons wanting to obtain maximum results in plastic surgery. It is not always easy to design a cannula or get your thoughts on paper.  However, Dremel Medical can help you at no additional costs. We love talking cannulas for facial and body procedures.  What makes us more excited is how our products change surgeon comfort in the surgery room, easibility of use and let patients obtain the best results.
 The sky is the limit when customizing cannulas, and we will do all we can to ensure your preferences are met. Our reviews say more than enough about us, so call today for your customized cannula at +1-817-910-3736 or email at The results you are seeking will be there. We look forward to hearing from you.

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