When we launched Dremel Medical in 2022, our customer base was nonexistent and through visiting multiple physician offices we achieved one or two orders a month. We made every effort to make use of our social media to the fullest and also utilized our website to propagate information as much as possible. In addition to utilizing other advertising methods and participating in various trade shows, including AAFPRS and Texas Plastic Surgery Association, we began to see success. Orders started coming in and many beneficial connections were forged with renowned facial and plastic surgeons from around the world.
Working with physicians and their staff is one of the most rewarding experiences we have had. They possess a great deal of intelligence, leading us to reconsider the way we produce items and the sales approaches we use. All in all, this has been one of the greatest professional journeys I have had so far.
Following the successful outcome of our performance at the AAFPRS event this spring, our company experienced an influx of business; however, we were uncertain about our success in the summer months. Thankfully, we were informed that such months usually lack activity, leading us to research new products and methods of production for 2023. As summer ended, we saw great developments finding new suppliers, in order to guarantee the quality of our goods without exceeding our customers' budget.
As autumn approached, Dremel Medical experienced a marked surge in sales. Customers returned to us, delighted by the options we provided, while orders for customized hole patterns increased. To go even further, we started to assemble rhinology supplies into special kits, a service not provided by any other company we were aware of.
At AAFPRS in the fall, we displayed our products and garnered positive feedback. At the Texas Plastic Surgery Association, we were able to network with prominent surgeons in Texas, introducing them to the products we offer and enlightening them on the Dremel Medical brand. During our time at AAFPRS, the term "The New Standard" was coined in direct reference to the conversations we had with customers concerning customer service and cost-effective prices.
We have received a great deal of feedback about our cannulas, including references to our new Dremel wedge tip cannulas for facial plastic surgeons as "The king of cannulas." Our amazing customer service and superior product quality has been the subject of frequent comments on social media.  In our view, we are attempting to make these items more attractive to surgeons and technicians, while ensuring they only receive the highest quality in the industry. This is the rationale behind why we have named our mantra "The New Standard".
 We are pleased to announce in 2023 a new line of HD liposuction cannula kits with the assistance of Dr. Franco from Italy. Furthermore, we will be launching facial plastic surgery cannula kits that will exceed industry expectations and make procuring products more straightforward. We anticipate launching further products through the year of 2023 and look forward to showcasing them during the year.  Keep in touch with us as 2023 will bring on new successes and challenges for Dremel Medical.  It will be a great ride and hope you join us along the way.
We are immensely thankful for your support of Dremel Medical. Your loyalty and commitment is greatly valued. Have a great holiday season, and get some much needed rest and family time.  
Danielle and Doug Dremel
Founders and acting CEO & COO

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